Based on the origins of art and following the tradition of the cave painters – in the sense that everything they saw they reduced to its essence, transforming the universe into basic and iconic forms to explain to themselves and to others with more clarity the meaning of the world around them, I have painted this series of paintings to try to explain to myself and to others the meaning of our own existence, today.

The only difference between me and the prehistoric painters is that instead of using the cave walls I use stretchers, and instead of extracting the oils, minerals and vegetables from the earth to make the colors, I buy them at the art supply store. Just as prehistoric painters did, I paint with a reduced palette of no more than 3 colors.

The other difference is that thematically I have substituted the mammoths, bison and other wild animals for screens of our phones and computers, and the spears, arrows and other primitive weapons for scissors. Scissors to cut the threads of the blue light that sometimes besieges and devours us.