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A N T I D O T E S  A G A I N S T  W A R





The military-industrial complex spends trillions of dollars developing ever more sophisticated and powerful weapons with the sole purpose of killing others.

Every day the news bombards us with massacres, invasions, bomb explosions, and terrorist attacks instead of people talking to reach agreements.


The Antidotes Against War exhibition mocks the powerful instruments of war that the media have always glorified as technological breakthroughs. We must create antidotes against this disease.









Visions that the world is very bad. Visions of many wars everywhere. Visions of entire towns being slaughtered by bombs and missiles. Visions of powerful bankers and dictators taking over the world to eat it up. All this is accompanied by an agonizing feeling that you are going crazy because no one seems to care.





(recommended dose)



Mild case: Take a deep breath and absorb many images that mock the power of the fearsome bombers.


Moderate case: Walking, celebrating life while stepping on as many bombers as possible...


Serious case: If possible, hang one of the images in the privacy of your home so that you can see it more frequently. This will take away any fear or respect you may have for the terrifying bombs and encourage you to start doing something to get rid of them.




Sebastian Picker

Santiago, 2017


Antidotes Against War, Las Condes Design Gallery

Santiago, Chile, 2017


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