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Sebastián Picker has been painting his characters both in masculine and in feminine shape, which translate in the artificially illuminated space, into a historical, social and a critical reflection on the contemporary human being. 


From a young age, he started drawing cartoons, a habit that has never truly left him. Formed in Boston, he obtained his first degree in 1984 and moved to painting, to which he adds the satirical dimension inherited from his early years. 


Making use of clear symbols and seemingly economical means, Picker translates the state of our planet and shows exactly what puts its cogs in motion. The characters always seem forsaken, rendering without a doubt the solitude felt in the face of the late 20th century’s disasters. As for the pictorial spaces imagined by the artist, they are minimal and at the crossroads of two South American pictorial cultures: the concrete, minimalist art and naïve art. The treatment of this space always posed an essential question for his art: it underlines the feeling of confinement, approached by many painters in the 1970s. 

Sebastián Picker was born in 1956, in Santiago, Chile. In 1973 he moved to the United States where he received his education in the arts field. He has had exhibitions in numerous galleries and museums in South America, the United States and Europe. 


He currently works and lives in Santiago, Chile.

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